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Portable Standing Desk

  • February 27, 2017

    Many people use a standing desk, what about you?


    Today, in the United States, many people tend to use a standing desk for their working desk. This trend arises because some researchers found that “sitting too long will make your life shorter” this statement is absolutely correct, sitting too long will cause, obesity, clogged arteries, increasing the risk of diabetes. Some companies now ask their employees to use a standing desk instead of using regular desk.

    Large companies like Facebook and Google have already asked their employees to remove their chair and replace it with a standing desk for their working desk. They were thinking that the use of standing desk will make their employees become more efficient and healthy. Because, the longer you are standing, the more energy you use when you work. So it will raise your body metabolism. The higher body metabolism will also effect your blood circulation.

    Good body metabolism will make your body healthier; also this will prevent obesity, blood clots, stroke, diabetes, or even premature death. However, this situation will make you become more fatigued, and you will quickly feel hunger and thirsty. So you will need healthier food resources, such as fruit, mineral water, etc.

    The trend of using standing desk, it appears not only to apply to professional workers, but some schools have also already adopted the use of a standing desk. The use of a standing desk gives some great benefit to students, and it not only improves their health, but it also helps improve their study results. Some investigation have shown that the more you are standing up, the more improvements there are in your blood circulation, so standing desks can help you concentrate better on your study or work tasks. Lots of positive results have been seen in the use of standing desk in schools.

    However, we know there are some people still feel apprehensive about this trend, and don’t like the rise of the standing desk. They have a valid reason, that working at a standing desk all day will only make them feel more fatigued, and make them less motivated to do their work or studies. Many nay sayers say standing desks will hurt your leg and body, and that they would not be able to concentrate when they work, because for them, they want to work in a comfortable position. So working with a regular desk and sitting in the office chair could still be best for them perhaps with a little exercise on the chair, body stretching and such like at regular intervals.

    Yes indeed, there are pros and cons to standing desks, but this current trend shows that a lot of people want to live healthy, so they choose to switch to a standing desk to feel happier, efficient and healthier. Will this trend lasts long? No one will know it for sure, Now there so many people and companies using a standing desk, when will you buy yours?